Camerun kastro

Camerun Kastro(PhD)
Director, Central Laboratories Directorate

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Mobile : + 251-912265231

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P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Directorate’s Message

A Central Laboratory is of utmost importance in any academic institution where the contemporary analytical and high priced equipment are kept together at a single location and are handled by qualified personnel to provide scientific and technical services for supporting research carried out by undergraduate students, postgraduate students, Ph.D. students, and other project students. It strengthens the research-relevant infrastructure of basic science and technology. This kind of facility represents a key commitment for preserving and raising the efficiency of research to the level of global standards. The central laboratory offers opportunities for scientific research that enable students and young scientists to pursue research in the disciplines of biological, medical, chemical, and agricultural sciences.


Aspires to become a trusted and recognized laboratory through timely provision of services to its students, academic staff, and researchers in the fields of natural science, engineering, health science, social science, and agriculture.


Providing affordable, innovative, quality practice-based education to the students that provide room for problem-solving, inclusive, and participatory research works for the technology transfer.

Core Values

  • Delivering customer satisfaction through innovative services

  • Accountability

  • Delivering Quality work

  • Competence and Team spirit

  • Integrality through demonstrating respect to the students, academic staff and other customers


Camerun Kastro(PhD)
Director, Central Laboratories Directorate