Asrat worku

Asrat Worku Jarsa (Associate. Professor) 

Dean, College of Agriculture

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Mobile : +251 916 13 43 94

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          P.O.Box: 136, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Dean's Message

On behalf of Agriculture College, I welcome all the key stakeholders and partners to work on this subsistent livelihood option, agriculture, of the majority of our community. The college, since its establishment, is working to training students in both undergraduate and graduate programs expecting agricultural extension service delivery facilitated by these graduates.

In addition, research and community service activities are being undertaken in collaboration with zonal, regional and national partners. Promising outcomes from this intervention are witnessing that our farmers agricultural productivity could be enhanced with integrating science and their own indigenous knowledge. To this end, the college working with high caliber to strengthen the link between the farmers so that qualified staff of the college work on the production barriers of the farmers.

Therefore, college welcomes all potential scholars, private companies, non-government organizations, research institution and any development partners to work in collaboration for this common goal of enhancing farmers’ livelihood options through technology-driven approach and scientific research intervention.


Asrat Worku Jarsa ,

Associate Professor ( Environment and Development),

Dean, College of Agriculture