Mebratu Belete (PhD, Ass. Professor)

Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences 

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Mobile : +251-911 07 20 96

office Number : +251-461 80 05 96


          P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Dean's Message

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, as part of the leading University in Applied Science field in Ethiopia, is one of the leading colleges in the education field. The college runs many post graduate (including one PhD program), undergraduate and diploma programs. Several new initiatives launched this year. Among others, our new ECCE program is helping to raise our visibility on the campus and in the country as well.

To meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, we are conducting problem solving researches on issues that affect students, educators, schools and communities throughout the catchment areas.  Our college has been working on fostering partnerships through a number of high-profile convening with international and national scholars, Zone and Woreda officers, and national policy makers. The links create opportunities for new and sustained partnerships that enhance our impact on schools and higher education policy, practice, and research.

Many of our achievements this year align with the goals developed for the College of Education’s and Behavioral Sciences new Strategic Plan. With the help of dedicated staff and students within the College, we are implementing our one-year plan. I am proud of the progress we have made on this significant undertaking, as we think critically about how to move the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences forward, both through advancing our existing good work and through identifying new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Our accomplishments this year, including the development of the Strategic Plan, would not have been possible without the persistent support and enthusiastic engagement of the university management and the college community. I am grateful for everyone’s work this year and look forward to building on our successes in subsequent years. We planned to engage our community in thoughtful discourse around challenging issues related to education and behavioral issues.

Finally I will invite new students and experienced faculty to join this well established college if you want to know what should teaching and learning look in the 21st century and beyond.  Our goal is to design learning experiences that are real-world focused, rigorous, practice-based, and personally meaningful. We pride ourselves on developing psychologists, teachers and educational leaders who are profoundly skilled at what they do and who are prepared to help define what the future should be.


             Mebratu Belete (PhD)
Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences