Dr.Wokil Wolde

Chief Executive Director of College of Health Science

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  P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Directorate’s Message

I congratulate all of you and want to say well-come to the College of Health Sciences and Medicine (CHSM). Otona Campus, CHSM, is one of the two colleges in the Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) in which the university gave attention to achieve University vision in 2022 GC . This is technologically driven center of excellence in agricultural and Healthy by 2022. The CHSM aimed in its mission to provide competent graduates, providing problem solving research outputs, transferring appropriate technologies and delivering demand driven community and consultancy services as well as to provide curative and preventive health services. Therefore, I strongly urge the college staffs to work in team. Moreover, I suggest the staffs to work with strong commitment with high standards in all aspects of educational activities, research, community engagements, support services, and uses feedback from our customers and stakeholders to enhance the programs competency in an efficient way. Kindly always put our customers and students first. The current political and economic situation of the country and emerging infectious disease (COVID-19) force us to unit and work with great commitment than ever in order to help our people and the country. Therefore, I call up our supportive staffs, at every level of structures to be with us. Having said all, our office is more interested to work and collaborate with the national and the international institutions at any time.


         Dr. Wokil Wolde

Chief Executive Director at College of  Health Sciences and Medicine