Aklilu Bajigo Madalcho

Aklilu Bajigo Madalcho


Full Name: Aklilu Bajigo Madalcho

Educational level: MSc                                                                                
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: Natural Resource Management
Field of Specialization: Agroforestry and Soil Management 

Research Interest: 

  • Forestry
  • Agroforestry
  • Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Soil Management
  • Climate change

List of Publications: 

  1. AkliluBajigoMadalchoand MekisoYohannesSido, 2015. Performance of in-situ rainwater conservation tillage techniques and inorganic fertilizer practices on sorghum production at Ethiopia Somali Region (KurdhaMetan district). International Journal of Agricultural Science Research Vol. 4(5), pp. 098-108,
  2. Bajigo A, Tadesse M, Moges Y, Anjulo A (2015) Estimation of Carbon Stored in Agroforestry Practices in Gununo Watershed, Wolayitta Zone, Ethiopia. J Ecosys&Ecograph 5: 157. doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000157.
  3. Bajigo A, Tadesse M, 2015. Woody Species Diversity of Traditional Agroforestry Practices in Gununo Watershed in Wolayitta Zone, Ethiopia. Forest Res 4: 155. doi:10.4172/2168-9776.1000155
  4. AkliluBajigoMadalchoand MikrewongelTadesseTefera, 2015. The Effect of Agroforestry Practices and Elevation Gradients on Soil Chemical Properties in Gununo Watershed, Ethiopia. International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research (IJOEAR). ISSN [2454-1850], 1:2, pp1-7.
  5. AkliluBajigoMadalcho, 2016. The effect of aboveground biomass removal on soil macronutrient over time in MunesaShashemane, Ethiopia. Journal of Food and Energy security. Food and Energy Security published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. and the Association of Applied Biologists. doi: 10.1002/fes3.77. 2:5, pp1-8.
  6. Madalcho AB, Tefera MT (2016) Management of Traditional Agroforestry Practices in Gununo Watershed in Wolaita Zone, Ethiopia. Forest Res 5: 163. doi:10.4172/2168-9776.1000163
  7. Abdulkarim Mohammed, GizachewShiferaw&AkliluBajigo, 2016. The Effect of Maize-Cowpea Blends on Complementary Food Nutritional Quality. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: I, Interdisciplinary. Volume 16 Issue 2 Version 1.0 Year 2016.
  8. BaranaBabiso, SenbetieToma&AkliluBajigo, 2016. Land use/Land Cover Dynamics and its Implication onSustainable Land Management in Wallecha Watershed, Southern Ethiopia. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: H, Environment & Earth Science. Volume 16 Issue 4 Version 1.0 Year 2016
  9. AkliluBajigoand Tigist Abraham, 2017. The Impact of Farm Tree Degradation on Rural Livelihood in Manna District of Jima Zone, Ethiopia. International Journal of African and Asian Studies. ISSN 2409-6938. An International Peer-reviewed Journal. Vol.31, pp 41-47.
  10. AkliluBajigo, 2017. The Effect of Land Use Change on Soil Physicochemical Properties over Time in Ethiopia. Journal of Developing Country Studies (www.iiste.org). Vol.7, No.3, pp60-71.
  11. MerkinehMesene Mena and AkliluBajigoMadalcho, 2017.Farmers’ Understanding of Soil Erosion Hazards and Management Measures in Damot Gale Woreda, Southern Ethiopia. Civil and Environmental Research.ISSN 2224-5790 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0514 (Online). Vol.9, No.3. pp 1-9.
  12. MerkinehMesene Mena, AkliluBajigoMadalcho and Debebe Dana, 2017. Integrated Watershed Management for Ecosystem Balance & Climate Change: Ethiopia. Civil and Environmental Research www.iiste.org, ISSN 2224-5790 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0514 (Online) Vol.9, No.9. pp 1-12.
  13. MerkinehMesene Mena, AkliluBajigoMadalcho, Efrem G, Gashaw G. Community Adoption of Watershed Management Practices at KindoDidaye District, Southern Ethiopia. Int J Environ Sci Nat Res. 2018; 14(2): 555881. DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2018.14.555881.
  14. FanoDargoGirmay, GebremedhinGebreselassie,AkliluBajigo, 2018:   Climate Change Risk Management and Coping Strategies for Sustainable Camel Production in the Case of Somali Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Biotechnology Research. Vol. 4, Issue. 9, pp: 66-75. DOI: https://doi.org/10.32861/jbr.49.66.75
  15. Yohannes G G, Tsegay W, AkliluBajigo. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Elbahi Micro-Dam Catchment, Near Jigjiga Town, Ethiopia Somali Regional State, Ethiopia. Int J Environ Sci Nat Res. 2018; 15(5): 555925. DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2018.15.555925.
  16. BosenuA,AkliluB, KefyaleG (2019) The Status of Camel Feed Resources, and Its Management in Ethiopia Somali Region. J EcosysEcograph 9: 260. doi: 10.4172/2157-7625.1000260.
  17. BaranaBabisoBadesso; SenbetieTomaLachore and AkliluBajigoMadalcho. Population Growth and Environmental Changes: Conclusions Drawn from the Contradictory Experiences of Developing Countries. Preprints. (www.preprints.org) | NOT PEER-REVIEWED | Posted: 21 August 2018. doi:10.20944/preprints201808.0379.v1
  18. Aklilu B,BosenuA, KefyaleG, and Gebremedhin G (2019)Camel Feed Characterization of Ethiopian Somali Region Rangelands through Traditional Knowledge. JAERI, 19(3): 1-15, 2019; Article no.JAERI.46090.
  19. AkliluBajigoMadalcho, Bekele Lemma, MerkinehMesene Mena and BaranaBabisoBadesso. Is the expansion of Eucalyptus tree a curse or an opportunity? Implications from a dispute on the tree’s ecological and economic impact in Ethiopia: A review. J. Ecol. Nat. Environ.Vol. 11(6), pp. 75-83, DOI: 10.5897/JENE2019.0765

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