Alebachew Tilahun Wassie

Full Name: Alebachew Tilahun Wassie

Educational level: MSc
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

College/School: Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team: _______________________
Field of Specialization: Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Research Interest: (please write in a phrase and not maximum of more than five)  

  • Related to reproductive biotechnology (embryo transfer, invitro fertilization etc)
  • Diseases and Disorders affecting Reproduction and production
  • Preservation of semen and ova of endangered animals etc
  • Climate smart in Diary production

List of Publications: (please list all of your publication as an example listed below)   

  1. Alebachew, T. and Alemu,  A. 2015. Prevalence of Bovine Mastitis in Lactating Cows and its Public Health Implications in Selected Commercial Dairy Farms of Addis Ababa. Global Journal of Medical Research: G Vet. Science and Vet. Medicine. 15(2): Online ISSN: 2249-4618 & Print ISSN: 0975-5888.
  2. Alebachew, T., Adane T., Arega T.,Tsehaye H., Ayichew T. 2016. Review on Small Ruminant Brucellosis in Ethiopia. J. Advances in Life Science and Technology.ISSN 2224-7181 (Paper) ISSN 2225-062X (Online)Vol.46.
  3. Ahmed H., AlebachewT., Ayichew T. and Tadele G. 2016.Review on Pre and Post- Slaughter Defects of Hide and Skin in Ethiopia. Advances in Biological Research 10 (3): 154-161. ISSN 1992-0067. DOI: 10.5829/idosi.abr.2016.10.3.10423.
  4. Fanuel F. and AlebachewT. 2016. Fertility and Hatchability of Fayoumi and Dominant Breeds of Chicken in DebereZeit Agricultural Research Centre, Ethiopia. Academia Journal of Agricultural Research 4(5): 241-246. DOI: 10.15413/ajar.2015.0133.
  5. Getenet A., Alebachew T., Alemu A., Ayichew T. and Abebaw G. 2016. A study on prevalence of paramphistomum in cattle slaughtered in Gondar Elfora Abattoir, Ethiopia. J. f Vet. Medicine and Animal Health 8(8), pp. 107-111,  DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH2016.0458
  6. Ayichew T, Belete A, Alebachew T, Tsehaye H, Berhanu H, et al. 2017 Bacterial Probiotics their Importances and Limitations: a Review. J Nutr Health Sci 4(2): 202
  7. Abebaw G., Alebachew T., Alemu A. & Wale T. 2016. Sero-Prevalence of Toxoplasma Gondii Infection and Associated Risk Factors in Animals Presented to Sholla and Akaki-Kality VeterinaryClinics, Addis Ababa.Global J. of Medical Research: G Vet. Science and Vet. Medicine. Volume 16 (issue 3).
  8. Eskziaw B., Alebachew T., Amare B., Ayichew T., Abebaw G. 2016. A study on cattle trypanosomosis and its vectors inGimbo and Guraferda districts of Southwest Ethiopia. J. f Vet. Medicine and Animal Health. Vol. 8(9), pp. 112-119. DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH2016.0464.
  9. Alemu A., Mohammed H., Alebachew T. and Ashenafi K. 2017. A cross-sectional study on bovine Schistosomiasis in and around Kemissie, DawaCheffa District. J. f Vet. Medicine and Animal Health. Vol. 9(4), pp. 72-77. DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH2016.0459.
  10. Zemedkun G., Ayichew T. and Alebachew T. 2016. Study on prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis and density of its vectors in three selected districts of Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia. J. f Vet. Medicine and Animal Health.Vol. 8(9), pp. 128-135. DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH2016.0468.
  11. Kassaye S, Ayichew T., Alemu A., Alebachew T. and Ashenafi K. 2016. Major causes of lung and liver condemnation and associated risk factors in cattle slaughtered at Hawassa Municipal abattoir, Southern Ethiopia. J. f Vet. Medicine and Animal Health.Vol. 8(11), pp. 163-168, DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH2015.0465.
  12. Samuel K., Alebachew T., Eskziaw B. and Abebaw G. 2016.A study on prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthiasis of sheep and goats in and around Dire Dawa, Eastern Ethiopia
  13. Alebachew T., Adamo A. and Abebaw G. 2016. Fish Production Constraints in Ethiopia: A Review.World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 8 (3): 158-163. DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wjfms.2016.158.163

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