Alula Tafesse Shirko

Alula Tafesse Shirko

Full Name: Alula Tafesse Shirko

Educational level:MSc
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: Agricultural Economics
Field of Specialization:Natural Resource Economics and Policy

Research Interest:  

  • Natural Resource and Environmental Economics and Policy issues
  • Economic Efficiency Analysis
  • Development program, project and policy Impact Evaluation
  • Agricultural Commercialization and Value Chain issues
  • Food and Nutrition Security issues

List of Publications:

  1. Alula, T. 2014. Livelihood Impact of Carbon Sequestration on Local Communities: A Case of Ethiopia Nature Regeneration Project in Wolaita, Ethiopia. Published inJournalof Economics and Sustainable Development, 5(22).
  2. Alula, T. 2016.Wood Furniture Value Chain Analysis: The Case of Small and Medium Scale Wood Manufacturing Industries in WolaitaSodo, Ethiopia. Published inJournal of marketing and consumer research, 25.
  3. Alula, T., and Yohannes, Sh. 2016. Econometric Analysis of Wood Furniture Production inWolaitaSodo: The Case of Small and Medium Scale Wood Manufacturing Industries.Published in Journal of Industrial Engineering letters, 6.
  4. Alula, T., Almaz, B., Derib, W. 2015.Determinants of small holder farmer’s participation in nonfarm activities: In case ofWoliata, SNNPR, Ethiopia. Published in Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development, 7.
  5. Derib, W.,Abera, H., Alula, T., Tadele, B. 2014. Raising the Awareness of Learners towards Modularization: A Case Study of WolaitaSodo University, Ethiopia. Published onJournal of Education and Practice, 5(23).

Conference Participations

  1. Alula, T., Almaz, B., Derib, W.2015. Determinants of small holder farmer’s participation in nonfarm activities: In case of Woliata, SNNPR, Ethiopia. Fourth Annual National Research Conference (08-09 may, 2015, Wolaita Gutara,Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia).

Contact address

  • P. O. Box: 138, WolaitaSodo, Ethiopia
  • Office Tel.: +251461800646
  • Cell Phone:+ 251 928794015
  • Fax:+ 251
  • E-mail Address: or (institutional)

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