Birhanu Lencha Kiffo

Birhanu Lencha Kiffo. Horticulture

Full Name: Birhanu Lencha Kiffo

Educational level: Msc                                                                                
Academic Rank: Ass.Prof.
College/School: COA
Field of Specialization: Horticulture

Research Interest:  


List of Publications:  

  1. Birhanu Lencha and Dawit Dalga (2018)Response of Leek (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum L.)Varieties to Plant Spacing at Boloso Bombe, Southern Ethiopia,Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: D Agriculture and VeterinaryVolume 18 Issue 3 Version 1.0.Type: Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal
    Online ISSN: 2249-4626 & Print ISSN: 0975-5896
  2.  Birhanu Lencha1 and Taye Buke(2017)Influences of clove size and plant thickness on the bulb yield and yieldcomponents of garlic (Allium sativum L.) in sodo zuria woreda, southern
    Wolaita zone7, 6, 115-125. 
  3. Birhanu Lencha, Kebede W/Tsadik and Tamado Tana(2016)Yield and Yield Components of Leek (Allium ampeloprasum var.porrum L) as Influenced by Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Population Density at Areka, Southern Ethiopia, Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare ISSN 2224-3208 (Paper) ISSN 2225-093X (Online) Vol.6, No.15,
  4. Birhanu Lencha, Dawit Dalga and Tesfaye Dejene (2019)Response of Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates on Yield and Quality of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) Varieties in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia American Journal of Experimental Agriculture
    11(1): 1-20, 2016, Article no.AJEA.22440ISSN: 2231-0606SCIENCEDOMAIN international


  1. Birhanu Lencha Kiffo (2019); Participatory Varieties Selection and Evaluation of
    Improved Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) On Farm at Different Agro-ecologies in Wolaita Zones Southern, Ethiopia.Journal of Experimental Agriculture International40(2): 1-6; Article no.JEAI.42286, ISSN: 2457-0591


  1. Birhanu Lencha, Adanech Birksew, Genet Dikale(2016).The Evaluation of Growth Performance of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea Batatas L.) Awassa Var. by Using Different Type of Vine Cuttings,Wolaita Sodo University, Food Science and Quality Management www.iiste.orgVISSN 2224-6088 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0557 (Online) Vol.54,


  1. Birhanu Lencha and Deneke Dana(2017)Performance of Open Pollinated Tomato (Lycopersicum esculantum Mill) Varieties at Humbo Larena, Wolaita Zone (Journal of Natural Sciences Research) ISSN 2225-0921 (Online),


  1. Deneke Dana, Ermias Belete, Birhanu Lencha, Milkias Kurka(2016)Irrigation Based Integrated Livelihood Activities on Household Asset Accumulation in Humbo Larena, Wolaita Zone,Agriculture Innovations and Research


  1. Agegnehu Girmay and Birhanu Lencha. The Effect of Different Mulching Materials On The Seedling Performance And Growth Of Tomato (Lycopersicum Esculantum L.) At Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH –GRANTHAALAYAHA knowledge Repository ISSN- 2350-0530(O) ISSN- 2394-3629 (P)Airport Road, Indore (M.P.)-452005 INDIA.

Conference Participations

Mentor for Student Academic Development Horticulture Department since January 05, 2007 E.CContact address

  1. Member of Ethiopian Horticultural Science Society (EHSS)
  2. Participating on Induction Training: Organizational Transformation
  3. Member of Ethiopian Post Harvest Science Society (EPHSS)
  4. Certificate  of  participation  in  training  on  "Academic  Writing,  Academic  Publication and  Journal  Reputability"  that  was  held  from  December  29-31,  2017,  Wolaita  Sodo, Ethiopia
  5. Certificate  on` Effective  Teaching  Skills` organized  by  Jhpiego  Ethiopia  with  funding from  Feed  the  Future  through  United  State  Agency  for  International  Development (USAID) Growth through Nutrition Activity, July 8-13, 2017, Wolaita Sodo University.
  6. Higher Diploma License as a certified professional teacher education (September 2014 -July 2015, Wolaita Sodo University, issued in Wolaita Sodo on July 2, 2015.
  7. Certificate  of  participation  in  training  on  "Participating on Induction Training: Organizational Transformation"  that  was  held  from  December  29-31,  2017,  Wolaita  Sodo, Ethiopia
  8. Certificate  of  participation  in  training  on  Participating on proposal and scientific paper writing in Jima University"  that  was  held  from  March  28-31,  2015,  Wolaita  Sodo, Ethiopia,
  9. Reviewing the abstracts of Wolaita Sodo University 3rd annual National Workshop between May,02-03, 2014 with a theme "improved seed quality and yield in tomato “Ensuring Development through research and community service ".
  10. IrrigationBased Integrated Livelihood Activities on Household Asset Accumulation in Humbo Larena, community service Wolaita Zone,
  11. Certificate  of  participation  in  training  on  active participation and efforts made for the betterment of the anti-corruption club in Jima University"  that  was  held  from  June  15-31,  2008,  Jima, Ethiopia.
  12. Certificate  of  participation  in Volunteer activities  of International Movement Children of orphan through teaching and vulnerable children in Jimma University"  that  was  held  from  May31,  2008,  Jima, Ethiopia.
  13. Certificate  of  participation  in  training  on  Participating on integrated soil and water conservation in Jima University"  that  was  held  from  Feb 15, 2002,  Awassa, Ethiopia.
  14. Certificate  of  actively participation and efforts made for the betterment of student and progress of the student Union in the college, in the year 2006/2007June,  29-31,  2017,  Jimma university college of agriculture and veterinary medicine, Jimma, Ethiopia


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