Director for Community Services and Engagement

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifies the needs and problems in the community with the community
  • Supports provision of community services to the community
  • Facilitates capacity building services to the community
  • Gives education to the general public (through radio program, lecture etc)
  • Provides free services that generate income like training on poultry farming, mushroom production, training on language (English) for upgrading
  • Provides services that can solve the societal problems
  • Prepares guidelines and standards for community services
  • Provides consultancy and advisory services
  • Allocates funds to approved projects
  • Creates conducive environment for provision of free services like health services, legal services and development works
  • Monitors and evaluates commuity services of the university
  • Searches for fundings of community engagement and services
  • Facilitates calls for projects at all levels
  • Identifies thematic areas for community services
  • Prepares forum for completed community services
  • Reviews community services projects and papers
  • Makes available facilities and materials for community services
  • Determines usefulness of community services for promotion



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