Director for Publication and Extension

Duties and Resposibilities

  • Coordinates and facilitates the overall publication and dissemination process of project outputs, proceedings, journals , annual reports , etc
  • Publishes research, technology transfer and community sercvices outputs
  • Disseminates the research outputs through various ways (i.e. journals, proceedings, webpage, conference, workshops, public lectures, FM Radio, etc.)
  • Documents research, technology transfer and community services output
  • Prepares manuals and leaflets with regard to research and community service.
  • Develops specific guidelines and criteria for reviewing articles in line with WSU Legislation. 
  • Prepares the designing and printing specification for journals and proceedings
  • Publishes approprite format they seem fit, articles submitted and approved by board of editors
  • Facilitates payment for authors, reviewers and editors
  • Documents project outputs, proceedings, journals , annual reports , etc
  • Creates and administers data base(of research and community service)
  • Prepares standards for all means of publications and documentations
  • Introduces new technologies to the community through radio and TV programs, etc.
  • Reports accomplishements of researches, community services and technology treansfer to concerned bodies


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