Dr.Eyob Eshetu Bekele

Dr.Eyob Eshetu Bekele


Full Name: Dr.Eyob Eshetu Bekele

Educational level: MVSc

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

College/School: Veterinary Medicine

Department/Team: Veterinary Parasitology

Field of Specialization: Tropical Veterinary Parasitology

Research Interest: 

  • Vector and vector born disease
  • Fish, Chicken and pet parasites
  • Epidemiology of Zoonotic parasitic diseases and their economics
  • One health concept and approaches, risk analysis, vector borne diseases  
  • Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Proteomics (Bioinformatics) of parasites
  • Innovative approaches for novel diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines of parasites

List of Publications:


Eyob E., Getachew Dinede, Matios Lakew and Tadele Tolosa (2013). In-vitro efficacy evaluation of amitraz 0.025% and diazinon 0.06% against Rhipicephalus pulchellus and Amblyomma gemma in Borena pastoral area, Southern rangeland of Ethiopia. J.of Para.Vector Biology, 5(6): 72-76.


D. Ayana, E. Eshetu and F. Abunna (2013). Survey of Ixodid Ticks on Cattle in Borana Pastoral Area, Ethiopia. Acta Parasitologica Globalis 4 (1): 14-23.


E.Eyob and L. Matios (2013). The prevalence and risk factors associated with ovine lungworm infestation in the Asella province, Central Ethiopia. J.of Parasitology and Vector Biology, 5(3).


Eyob E. and Matios L. (2013). Review on camel trypanosomosis (surra) due to Trypanosoma evansi: Epidemiology and host response. J.of Vet. Medicine and Animal Health, 5(12): 334-343.


Matios Lakew, Tesfaye Sisay, Gelagay Ayelet, Eyob E., Gebremikael Dawit and Tadele Tolosa (2014). Sero-prevalence of CCPP and field performance of inactive vaccine in Borena pastoral area, souther Ethiopia. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 8(24):2344-2351.



Ararsa Duguma, Eyob E. and Eyob Gelan (2014). Preliminary study on the prevalence and risk factors associated with gastro intestinal parasites of camel in Yabello district, Southern rangelands of Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 9(43): 3191.


Eyob E. and Matios L. (2014). Preliminary Survey on the distribution of Ixodid Ticks in small ruminants of Dhas district of Borena pastoral area, southern rangelands of Ethiopia. Advances in Bioresearch, 5(1):87-91.


Gezahegn Alemayehu, Samson Leta, Eyob E. and Ayinalem Mandefrot (2014). Incidence of Lumpy skin disease and associated risk factors among export-oriented cattle feedlots at Adama district, Central Ethiopia. Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, 7(4): 128-134.


Eyob E. (2015). A review on the diagnostic and control challenges of major tick-borne Haemoparasite diseases of cattle. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, 5(11): 160-172.


Eyob E. (2015). An Overview on the Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis. Advance in Life Science and Technology, 35 (1): 23-27.


Amenu Asha and Eyob E. (2015). Invivo and Invitro Acaricide Efficacy Evaluation on Cattle Ticks in Selected Areas of Wolaita and Dawuro Zones, Ethiopia. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: D Agriculture and Veterinary, 15(7): 1-6.


Eyob E. and Batisa Begejo (2015). The Current Situation and Diagnostic Approach of Nagana in Africa: A review. Journal of Natural Sciences Research, 5(17): 117-124.


Eyob E. and Zewudu Abraham (2016). Review on live animal and meat export marketing system in Ethiopia: challenges and opportunities. J. Scientific and Innovative research, 5(2):59-64


Endale M., Eyob E., Addisu A. and Naod T. (2016). A Study on the prevalence of Bovine mastitis and associated risk factors in and the surrounding areas of Sodo town, G.J.Scie.Front. Research D: Agriculture and Veterinary medicine,16(2):


Eyob E., Habtamu A. and Azeb G. (2016). An overview on major mycotoxins in animal: its public health implication, economic impact and control strategies. JHMed.Nursing, vol.25: 64-73.


Eyob E. Addisu A. and Thomas B. (2016). The public health significance of Leishmaniasis: An overview. J.Natural Scei. Research, vol.6 (5): 48-57.


Eyob E., Bangu Barata and Berhanu Butako (2017).The Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis and associated risk factors in Mareka Woreda of Dawuro zone, Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology, Vol.9 (5):39-46.  


Eyob E., Naod T., Addisu A. Amenu G. and Berhanu B. (2017). Study on the Prevalence of Bovine Fasciolosis and Estimated Financial Losses due to Liver Condemination: in case of Angacha woreda, Kambata Tembaro zone, Southern Ethiopia. JBAH, 7(7):78-83.


Bangu B. and Eyob E. (2017). The Distribution of Tsetse Flies Species and other Biting Flies in Mareka District of Dawuro Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Int. J. Adv. Res. Biol. Sci., 4(10):10-14.  


Addisu A., Belay F. and Eyob E. (2017). Review on Serum Biochemical Changes in Ruminants Infected with Major Trypanosome Species. Int. J. Adv. Res. Biol. Sci., 4(10):26-35.


Addisu A., Getachew T., Tilaye D. and Eyob E. (2017). Immune Responses to Animal Trypanosomosis: A review. J. Scientific and Innovative research, 6(4):142-150.


Eshetu E., Tilahun A., Thomas N. and Awukew A. (2018). Retrospective Study on Major Bovine Diseases and Financial Loss Due to Treatment in Wolaita Zone: A Case of Sodo Zuria District, Southern Ethiopia. International Journal of Veterinary Health Science and Research, 6(1):225-229.  ISSN 2332-2748

Conference Participations

  • Oral presentation of a research paper on the 4th annual National Research Conference of WSU held on 08-09 May, 2015 at Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.
  • Poster presentation of a research paper on the 5th annual National Research Conference of WSU held on 08-09 May, 2015 at Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.
  • Oral Presentation of a research paper on the 6th annual Research Symposium of Debre Markos University held on 28-29 March, 2015 at Debre Markos, Ethiopia.
  • Editor, Reviewer and organizer for WSU Proceeding-II and Proceeding-III, Wolaita Sodo University
  • Poster presentation of a research paper on the 8th annual National Research Conference of WSU held on 24-25 May, 2019 at Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.
  • Workshop on ELISA, AGID, RBPT,CFT, Sample Collection, Storage and Media preparation methods, Bacterial isolation and Identification, Helminth, Protozoal and Tick identification Techniques organized by NAHDIC, MOARD, from May 11th –May 22th 2009, Sebeta.
  • Workshop on practical aspects of Serology, Virology and Laboratory Animal handling organized by FAO of the United Nations given at the National Veterinary Institute (NVI) from October 20/2008 - November 4/2008,Debre zeit
  • Workshop on Trans-boundary animal diseases/TADs/ and Ethiopian country position in TADs, organized by MOARD, December 2009, Debrezeit.
  • Workshop on use of veterinary drugs, drug residue problems, and Livestock Marketing Value Chain (Methods of export of meat and live Animals and its products, proclamations and regulations prepared for Ethiopia) organized by MOARD in collaboration with USAID, September 2010, Adama.
  • Workshop on “Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and Participatory Epidemiology (PE) “organized by CARE and LVIA, March 2009, Yabello.
  • Workshop on “Animal Information Research System AIRS-2” organized by MoA and AU-IBAR, November 2012, Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa.
  • Workshop on”Camel Health and Husbandry Practices” organized jointly with VSF Suisse, CARE and Save the Children, at Moyale, Ethiopia from 24th -30th April 2009, and at Dire Dawa, Ethiopia 17th – 22nd August 2009.
  • Workshop on “Proposal and Scientific Paper Writing” organized by WSU in collaboration with Jimma University from March 28-31, 2015
  • Workshop on “Project Development, Data Management, Academic writing and Academic publication” organized by WSU.

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