Ermias Belete Bena

 Ermias Belete Bena

Full Name: Ermias Belete Bena

Educational level: MSc
Academic Rank: Assistant professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: Animal and Range Sciences
Field of Specialization: Tropical Animal production and Health

Research Interest: 

  • Genetics of fat distribution in sheep and beef cattle
  • Indigenous Sheep  gene traits conservation
  • Marker assisted disease identification and gene improvement in sheep and beef cattle

List of Publications:

1. Amistu K., Ermias B. and Asrat A. 2017. Consumer Preference of Raw Beef (“Kurt”) in Wolaita Sodo Town, Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Food and Dairy Technology, 5(4), Pp 7-13

2. Asrat A., Feleke A. and Ermias B. 2016. Characterization of Dairy Cattle Production Systems in and around Wolaita Sodo Town, Southern Ethioipa.Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science, 6(3), pp. 62-70

3. Ermias B., Gebeyehu G. and Berhan T. 2015. Productive performance evaluation of Dorpersheep crosses (50% Dorper x pure Adilo indigenous sheep breed) under farmer conditions in different agro ecological zones. International Journal of Livestock production, 6(5), Pp61-68

4. Asrat A. and Ermias B. 2015. Food Adulteration: Its Challenges and Impacts.Food Science and Quality Management, 41, 2015

5.Ermias B. and Asrat A. 2015. A review on alternative technologies tomanage manure: Cost effective and environmentally beneficial. Livestock Research for Rural Development,  27 (10) 201

6. Ermias B. and Asrat W. 2015.Dorper sheep technology transfer in Damotgale woreda; the role of food security. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 6, No.13, 2015

7. Andualem T., Berhan T., Gebeyehu G. and Ermias B.2015. Characterization of cattle husbandry practices in EsseraWoreda, Dawuro Zone, Southern Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 10(34), pp. 3421-3435

8. Ermias B. and Berhan T.2015. Microsatellite markers and its role on genetic characterization of indigenous sheep population: A review. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science, 5(2), pp. 39-44

9.ErmiasB., Gebeyehu G. and Berhan T. 2014. On farm reproductive performance and adaptation evaluation of Dorper sheep breed crosses(Dorper X Adilo) in different husbandry system, south Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 9(49), Pp 3511-3518

Conference Participations

  1. Ermias Belete, AsratWorku, AlmazBalta, AlemayehuAsale (2016). Scaling up Dorper sheep technology,improving rural woman incomein Damot Gale woreda, Wolaita zone, Ethiopia, Wolaita Sodo university research and community service , 5th Annual NationalResearch workshop  (12-13 May 2016, Wolaita Sodo university, Ethiopia).
  2. Ermias Belete, Abera Abebe, MesfinTebeje, Harko Halala, Meshesha Dissa (2019). Introducing improved beekeeping technologies via community service in Ofaworeda, Wolaita zone, Ethiopia, Wolaita Sodo university  research and community service , 8th Annual NationalResearch workshop  (24-25 May 2019, Wolaita Sodo university, Ethiopia).

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