Gender Affairs Office


Wolaita Sodo University Gender affair directorate was established September, 2004 E.C to ensure gender equality and empowerment of female students and staffs in every activity of the university.


Wolaita Sodo university gender affaires directorate aspires to ensure the realization of a gender responsive university in which substantive gender equality is realized.


The mission of the directorate is to enable the university excel in providing a gender responsive organizational environment and to integrate gender into function of the university in order to attain

gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Therefore, to achieve these vision and mission and institutionalize gender affair; established Gender focal person in all 5 collages, 4 schools, 1 Otona and 1 Tarcha campus. There are 11 gender focal persons in WSU.

Activities performed by Gender Affaires Directorate

Students welcome

The welcome program starts at the beginning of every academic year. Junior and senior members of the students take the responsibility of receiving newly arrived students and assist them with their language and direction. Despite facilitating the reception of students the directorate distributes informative butchers’ for the new arrivals. The directorate also prepares welcome ceremony. In such

ceremonies junior female students share their experience about the campus life for fresh students.

The directorate also follows the proper placement of fresh female students in accordance with their choice and the university rules as well as regulations.


Capacity Building


  • By giving Trainings

The directorate facilitates different trainings for female students, Female Academic staff and Female Administrative staffs. The trainings that are facilitated by the gender affaires directorate cover various thematic areas such as: Assertiveness, Life skill, Leadership, Sexual harassment and Human rights.

The directorate’s giving awareness creation on anti- harassment code for all female students and staffs.

The directorate collaborated with HIV Directorate; training given on Awareness creation of HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, etc.

Give guidance and counselling service for female students:

Girls’ tutorials

The directorate in collaboration with academic departments and the university carry out girls’ tutorials on selected courses for female students.


Material Support

The directorate helps needy female and male students with Material support on Semester basis. In this regard more than 610 students get such assistance every year (sanitary and stationary materials

this includes soaps, sanitary pads, exercise books papers and pens) .And also 36 Disabled students supported by the office.


Establishing Zero Plan room in main campus and Otona campus:

In this room female students celebrate pyjama night, counselling, discuss about various issues etc.


Research and community service: Gender Directorate collaborated with Research A/V/office Female academic staffs by itself work research and community services. In 2009 there are 7

researches and community services done by female staffs’ .And for 2010 about 6 researches submitted for the research directorates.


Establishing Female Forum Union

Wolaita Sodo university established Female Students, female Academic and administrative staffs Forum in December 2008 E.C and they have 5 working committee. They are performed different activities to keep any benefits for all female societies in the university. They plan female saving association for 2010 E.C.

Celebrate Events; International women day (March 8), White Ribbon’s Day,"16 days of activism"

Name of contact person:-MS Mekdes Desta:-
Gender directorate director






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