Gobeze Loha Yada

Gobez e Loha Yada


Full Name: Gobez e Loha Yada

Educational level: PhD                                                                                
Academic Rank:  Associate Professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: Plant Sciences
Field of Specialization: Agronomy  

Research Interest: 

  • In the area of Crop Management 
  • In the area of Crop Improvement 
  • In the area of Crop Breeding and Agronomy
  • In area of Soil Cereal Improvement and Agronomy

List of Publications: 

1, L. Gobeze, H. Legese & M. Daniel, 2005.  Effect of inter and intra row spacing on yield and yield components of cassava (Manihot  esculenta Crantz)-in moisture stress area of  Southern region. .African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. 7: 147-150.

2. Daneil  M., Gobeze L. and Legesse H., 2003. Effect of inter and intra row spacing on growth and yield of cassava (Manhot esculenta Cranz) I  fluvosols of Sothern Ethiopia.  African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. 7: 74-79.

3. L. Gobeze, H. Legese, M. Waga  & M. Daniel, 2007. Effect of spacing on tuber yield of taro (Colocasia esculenta) on vertisols of Gedeo, Southern Ethiopia. International Society for Tropical root crops 9: 232-235.. .

4. L. Gobeze, M. Waga & H. Legese, 2007. Effect of varieties  and seeding rates on grain yield 

 of triticale (Tritiscosecale wittmark) in different agro-ecologies of Southern Ethiopia. African Crop Science Conference Proceedings 8: 41-44. 

5. Waga M., Gobeze L. Legese H. and Daniel M., 2007. Effect of soil moisture conservation methods and fertilizer rates on growth and grain yield on maize in low moisture stress area. Arfican Crop Science Conference  Proceedings Voli. 8 : 1609-1617.

6. H. Legese, L. Gobeze, A. Shegro & N. Geleta, 2011. Impact of planting position and planting

material on root yield of cassava (Manohot esculenta Crantz). Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 5(4): 448-454. 

7. L. Gobeze, G. Ceronio and L. Van Rensburg,  2012. Effect of row spacing and plant

density on yield and yield components of maize (Zea mays L.)

8. H. Legese and L. Gobeze, 2013.  Identification of suitable legumes in cassava (Manihot

esculenta Crantz)-Legumes intercropping.  African Journal of Agricultural Research 

8(21): 2559-2562.

9. L. Gobeze, G. Ceronio1 and L. Van Rensburg,  2013,  Ultra-fast Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrid Growth Response to Plant Population Density. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology   3 (2013) 334-343.

10. Legesse H. and Gobeze L., 2015. Growth and grain yield response of sorghum Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) varieties to moisture conservation practices and NP fertilizer at moisture stress area of Amaro, Southern Ethiopia.  AshEse Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 1(1), pp. 001-005.

11. L. Gobeze and H. Legese, 2015. Evaluation of common bean varieties at P deficient and sufficient conditions in Southern Ethiopia. AshEse Journal of Agricultural Science

Vol. 1(4), pp. 020-027, March, 2015.

12. H. Legese and L. Gobeze, 2015. Effect of barley ( Hordeum vulgare L) / faba bean ( Vicia fabae L) intercropping on productivity and land use efficiency in highlands of Southern Ethiopia.   Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare . 5(14):  103-107  

13. Yada Loha Gobeze, Gert Michael Ceronio and Leon Daniel Van Rensburg, 2016.  Effect of Spatial Arrangements of Row Spacing and Plant Density on Water Use and Water Use Efficiency of Maize Under Irrigation. Journal of Natural Sciences Research Volume 1, page 13-22.

 14. Daniel  Markos and Gobeze Loha (2016). Sweet Potato Agronomy Research in Ethiopia: Summary of Past Findings and Future Research Directions. Agriculture and Food Sciences Research, 3(1): 1-11).  DOI: 10.20448/journal.512/2016.3.1/512.1.1.11 ISSN | .

15.  Tenaw Workayehu, Legesse Hidoto, and Gobeze Loha, 2016. Grain Yield and Economic

       Benefit of Intercropping Barley and Faba Bean in the Highlands of Southern Ethiopia. East  

       African Journal of Sciences (2016) Volume 10 (2) 103-110.

16. Girma Workineh, Gobeze Loha and Legese Hidoto, 2017. Response of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to Nitrogen Fertilizer Application at Angecha, Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Natural Sciences Research 7 (3): 5-14.

17. Gobeze Loha and Legese Hidoto, 2018. Performance Evaluation of Maize (Zea mays L.) Varieties in Low Moisture Stress Area of Southern Ethiopia, Sumerianz Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary, 1(1): 24-29.

18.  Wondimu Tamrat, Gobeze Loha and Abera Habte, 2019. Effect of Plant Density on Yield 

       Components and Yield of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Varieties at Wolaita Sodo, Southern

        Ethiopia. Journal of Natural Sciences Research 9(5): 47-55.

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