Habtamu Lemma Didanna


Full Name: Habtamu Lemma Didanna

Educational level: PhD
Academic Rank:  Associate Professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: ARSc
Field of Specialization:  Livestock/Dairy science

Research Interest:    

  • Dairy science
  • Sustainable dairy/Food production systems
  • Milk quality and safety management
  • Sustainable dairy intensification
  • Role of dairy in food and nutrition security; consumption
  • Interdisciplinary/ Crosscutting issues such as Nutrition-sensitive interventions, Livestock value chains/business/ Entrepreneurship, One health, biodiversity, climate smart agriculture.

List of Publications:    

1. Takele Taye and Habtamu Lemma (2009). Traditional Backyard Cattle Fattening in Wolaita: Systems of operations and the routine husbandry practices. Ethiopian Journal of Animal production. 9(1): 39-56.

2.Habtamu Lemma, Kelay Belihu and Dessie Shiferaw (2010). Study on the reproductive performance of Jersey cows at Wolaita Sodo dairy farm, Southern Ethiopia. Ethiopian Veterinary Journal. 14(1). 53-70.

3.Habtamu Lemma, Kelay Belihu, Gebeyehu Goshu and Dessie Shiferaw (2010). Milk production performance of Jersey cows at Wolaita Sodo State dairy farm, Southern Ethiopia. SINET .Ethiop. J. Sci. 32 (2): 157-162.

4.Habtamu Lemma (2012). Bibliography of Wolaita zone: documenting for research and development.AM. Printing, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

5. Habtamu Lemma (2014). Livestock production systems in the Tropics. Lambert Publishing. Germany. ISBN 978-3-659-63700-1

6. Habtamu Lemma (2015). The contribution of livestock in meeting food production and nutrition in Ethiopia.  Journal of Food Science and Technology:  2(3): 020-043

7.Habtamu LD, Ashenafi M, Taddese K, Birhanu K, Getaw T (2015). Occurrence of Lactose Intolerance among Ethiopians. J Food Process Technol 6: 505.

8.Didanna HL (2017). Commentary: The Hidden Effects of Dairy Farming on Public and Environmental Health in the Netherlands, India, Ethiopia, and Uganda, Considering the Use of Antibiotics and Other Agrochemicals. Front. Public Health 4:288. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2016.00288

9.H.D. Lemma, A. Mengistu, T. Kuma, B. Kuma. (2017). The potential of milk production and consumption for improving nutrition of smallholder dairy households in Ethiopia. J. Dairy Sci.  101, Suppl. 2: 247-8.

10. Lemma H. (2017). Fortified and powdered milk supply in Ethiopia: concerns and prospects. Ethiopian Journal of Animal production. 17(1): 38-54.

11. Lemma H.D., Mengistu A., Kuma T., and Kuma B. (2018). Factors influencing intensification of dairy production systems in Ethiopia. Outlook on Agriculture. 47(2). 133–140. (Thomson’s Reuters)

12. Habtamu Lemma, Ashenafi Mengistu, Tadesse Kuma, and Berhanu Kuma. (2018). Improving milk safety at farm-level in an intensive dairy production system: relevance to smallholder dairy producers. Food Quality and Safety 2(3):135–143.

13. Habtamu Lemma, Ashenafi Mengistu, and Berhanu Kuma (2019). Future prospects and challenges of intensifying dairy production systems in Ethiopia. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development. 11(5): 653-661 (Taylor & Francis)

Conference Participations

1. Forage Adaptability on-farm trial in Ofa. Workshop – Review of experiences    with   participatory on farm trials in the Southern Region of Ethiopia. Sodo. FARM Africa. Farmers’ Research Project (FRP) and Institute of Sustainable Development.

2. Domestic animal biodiversity in Ethiopia and its threats and opportunities with emphasis to changing climate: Annual conference of Ethiopian Biological Society.

3. The potential of milk production and consumption for improving nutrition of smallholder dairy households in Ethiopia. Annual Meeting of American Dairy Science Association.

Contact address

  • P. O. Box: 128 , Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
  • Office Tel.: +251_____________
  • Cell Phone:+ 251 911735980
  • Fax:+ 251 __________________
  • E-mail Address: lemmahab2015@gmail.com

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