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Years of trust, credibility, and authenticity are what build a brand organically. Education, at any phase, is the crux of life. Education aims at holistically developing an individual as opposed to only the academics part of it. For an educational institution to emerge as a distinct identity & grow into a successful brand, branding plays a crucial role.

Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) is one of the second generation public higher institutions in Ethiopia, located in Wolaita Sodo town, 315 km away from Addis Ababa via Butajira-Alaba to Wolaita Sodo.  Its foundation was laid in the current location on March 24, 2007 G.C. The University commenced teaching and learning process by enrolling its first batch of 801 (609 male & 192 female) students in four faculties and 16 departments.

In the past one decade, remarkable and multifarious progresses have been registered in delivery of quality education, program diversification, campus expansion, and in conducting multi-disciplinary research activities. At the end of 2017 GC, WSU colorfully celebrated its 10th year anniversary with all the campus community and stakeholders. WSU is multi-campus university functioning in three campus premises (Gandaba Campus, Otona Campus, Boditti and Tercha Campus). The University has also made its own implacable effort in extensive renovation and expansion works to create intellectually stimulating and enabling environment for teaching, learning and research endeavors.In 2018/19 academic year, the academic staff composition is boosted to 1,313and over 3, 113 administrative staffs are voraciously strives to achieve institutional goals. For the previous successive years, the university also graduated over 22,371 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

As its core mission, WSU involved in divergent mainstreaming research & community services and has gained significant achievements. So far, the university has published and disseminated three proceedings and hosted six national annual research conferences that point towards sustainable socio-economic development of the country. WSU established six research centers aiming to create a platform for practical teaching and inter and multi-disciplinary research.  

Laying claim to a global mindset the university actively working in collaboration with other leading higher education institutions and industry partners around the world to provide international opportunities to share academics and researches.  WSU has the vision to become one of the known Universities in East Africa and one among five top ranked Universities in Ethiopia in 2028 G.C. It believes that its vision (strategic plans) can be a reality only when it works in collaboration with different partners worldwide. To maintain quality and produce skillful professionals and sustainably enhance its mission of teaching quality education, conducting problem solving research, delivering demand driven community service, and technology transfer, the university endeavors to work in collaboration with different background partners in the country and abroad. Therefore, WSU has established seven research and training centers that work on various selected broad research themes. These, however, do not constitute all the research areas the University staffs are engaged in. Each campus, college, and school has its own focus meant to solve national, regional and/or community problems. Quite many of these researches are expected to be conducted in collaboration with partner universities/organizations within Ethiopia and across the globe.

To briefly wrap up this section, the University has the eagerness to work as a partner university with others in Europe, Asia, USA, Africa, and Australia as well as those in Ethiopia to bring to realization of the mission and visions. Owing our twelve years experience in teaching, our teaching-learning and researches become more practical oriented and custom-made to solve the industry and community based technology challenges.

The need for internationalization has arisen from the desire to promote mutual understanding; the migration of skilled staff in a globalised economy, the desire of the institutions to generate additional revenues, or the need to build a more educated workforce in the home countries. More specifically, the rationale for involvement in internationalization includes:

  • Preparing graduates who are internationally conversant,
  • Building strategic alliance and partnership with different parties in Ethiopia and abroad,
  • Promoting innovation and diversity of programs,
  • Responding to the demand domesticlabor market,
  • Ensuring research and scholarship that address national and international issues,
  • Maintaining economic, scientific and technological competitiveness,
  • Acknowledging and reflecting ethnic and cultural diversity in Ethiopia and abroad,
  • Contributing to social transformation processes in all over the world, and
  • Generating additional sources of facility and income.

We are keen to express our interests in developing international collaboration with other institutions on one side, and to indicate the means of establishing the partnership, on the other. It is a clear, transparent, inviting and responsive document to those who want to establish partnership and exert an organized effort with us.

Based on the above rational, our office is pleased to collaborate with your well-regarded institution in the following areas: 

  1. Technology transfers
  2. Joint development and demand driven community services,
  3. Joint research projects which can contribute to the community,
  4.  Exchange of knowledge in education and research activities,
  5. Joint organization of conferences, seminars, and other academic meeting etc.
  6. Staff exchange and scholarly visit
  7. E-learning technology advancement

Your initiation is only enough then we can go over it. We are happy for being with you.

Dr Dereje Haile 

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