President’s Message

Professor, Takele Tadese Adafrie

Greetings to all

Dear our web-page visitor, joining you via this website is a prospect. Wolaita Sodo University is a thriving, indispensable institution of higher education, envisioning being one of the best standing universities in East Africa by 2020.

WSU has embodied the four fundamental concepts namely: teaching-learning, research and innovation, community service outreach activities and internationalizations are identified as the imposed characteristics. Aiming to achieve its goal of being the leading higher institution in Ethiopia, and to contribute for the national development, we offer education at acclaimed and applauded standards.

The University achieved a great deal during the last one decade in having accredited programs for both undergraduate and graduate studies. We train our students equipped fully with the qualifications and the ability to further develop themselves as dynamic and vibrant, ready to compete in the world of business and their own profession. In accordance with the trends in modern education, our study programs are specific and responsive towards the developing economy.

As a new president of WSU, I aspire to provide staff and students with standards as a ground for grasping new horizons and reaching greater achievements. It is my priority to establish good governance and maintain compliance via systematic functioning of structural units and effective implementation of deliver logy and other reform tools. I also strongly believe that WSU is the most fortified bridge towards a successful career for our graduates. To uphold this, we will be guided by the well designed curriculums which have been based on national demand and requirement of the industries.

Dynamism is one of the natures of higher academic institutions. In this regard, I want to preserve WSU community to change the working culture and its existence as we are reinventing new episode by articulating and reaffirming expansion of WSU together with the community to margin-goings has exceeded national and global arena. We will implement the enhanced and more transparent systems to allocate financial and other resources, which in turn I believe, will result in increased efficiencies and effectiveness of each unit of the University.

I urge everyone: students, employees, alumni, and the community to participate, through your daily tryst of commitments in writing the next chapter in legacy of our emerging university. As it is universal institution we urge all humans of the globe to take part in all aspects of the university.

Come with best thought and own Wolaita Sodo University

It is always

Reforming, Transforming and Innovative

So be part of it.

Professor, Takele Tadese Adafrie

 President of the University



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