Research Affairs Directorate

Dr.Eyob Eshetu


Vision: Aspires to achieve Excellency in research and knowledge transfer

Mission:  Bring tangible economic, social, intellectual and cultural developments by conducting academically rigorous and socially meaningful research and disseminating knowledge.

Values:    Research and knowledge transfer efforts will be guided by the following key values:

  •  Innovation and enterprise
  •  Excellency
  •  Engagement through collaboration
  •  Commitment to research community
  •  Commitment to wider community
  •  Outreach and Access
  •  Access to research infrastructure


  • Build the economy and intellectual capacity of individuals and communities through conducting top-quality applied and basic research.
  • Transfer new, profitable, productive and manageable technologies to industries and the nearby communities.
  • Disseminate research outputs through publications and other means (journals, proceedings, webpages, conferences, workshops, public lectures, FM radio, etc)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Plans, coordinates, and follow-ups research activities
  •  Packages technologies based on research output
  •  Makes available research facilities and materials for researchers
  •  Allocates funds  to the approved proposals
  •  Prepares research guidelines and standards
  •  Reviews research proposals and papers
  •  Keeps the quality of research activities
  •  Prepares forum for completed research activities to be reviewed
  •  Identifies research thematic areas at department, college and university level
  •  Facilitates call for proposal at department, college and university level.
  •  Monitors and evaluates research activities and making decision based on their status
  •  Supports researchers and students to create new technologies
  •  Searches for funding
  •  Provides consultancy and advisory services
  •  Determines the reputability of published journals for promotion

Dr.Eyob Eshetu Bekele (DVM, MVSc., Asso.Prof. of Veterinary Parasitology)
Director, Research Affairs Directorate, Wolaita Sodo University
P.O.Box: 138 Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
Cell phone: +251-913-028538

Email: or 
Skype: eyobeshetu-wsu 
Twitter account: Dr.Eyob Eshetu 








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