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Students’ Services Directorate Office

  • Brief history

  • Overall objective

  • Staff profile

  • Services provided

Brief history

The expansion of public universities in Ethiopia in the last two decades has enabled the establishment of Wolaita Sodo University in 2007. The University began its operation of learning and teaching with total of 801 students (609 male and 192 female) in four faculties and sixteen departments on March 27, 2007.


In all these journeys of the University, students services directorate, as one pivotal part, has been providing services for more than 25,000 students distributed in three campuses: Gandaba (main Campus), Otona and Tercha - in all modes of programs (Regular, weekend, night, and summer).

Overall Objective

  • To ensure that Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) shall deliver its students 24 hours accessible, disability sensitive, gender sensitive, timely, standard and quality basic services.

Staff profile

At this very time, the Office of Directorate of students’ services has the following staff profile.


Staff position

Total number



Directorate Director of students’ services




Associate Deans for students’ services




Team leaders




Cafeteria workers








Clinic staffs




Guidance and counseling staffs




Culture, Entertainment and Sport staffs




Total Sum




Services provided

One of the chief responsibilities of the students’ services directorate is to provide the services essentially emanates from the desire to meet basic requirements of students. It is only when these needs are met that students can pursue their studies and develops their intellectual skills thereby eventually accomplishing their academic missions. The Office has been rendering the following services:

  • Cost sharing Service

  • Cafeteria service

  • Dormitory service

  • Clinic/medical service

  • Guidance and counseling,

  • Student ethics and code of conduct (students' discipline cases),

  • Culture sharing, recreation facilities, and sports

  • Special needs for concerned students

  • Supports for disabled, orphans and needy with poor economic

  • Supports for Students' Unions

Cost Sharing Service

The services provided by the institute are rendered to students on a cost sharing bases. To this end, all newly enrolled students are expected to sign a contract, through which they declare their consent to pay back their individual share of costs incurred by the institute for the services specifically indicated in the contract to the institute, on installment bases starting after their graduation (see sample contract form next page). Each student of the institute has the right to get the services in kind or in cash. Students that are not willing to use cafeteria services will get the cash equivalent of the service.

Cafeteria Services

The student Cafeteria of the University render services based on the following time schedule:

  • Breakfast: 6:30 -8:00 am

  • Lunch: 11:00am -1:00pm

  • Dinner: 5:00-7:00pm

Meal cards are issued to Students who are willing and eligible to use the cafeteria service and they are expected to show their cards when they show up to use the service. Students that prefer not to use the service can request to get the service in cash after getting registered for that particular service. Once the request is made, handing over their meal cards and the registration is fulfilled; they will get the cash equivalent on monthly basis.

Dormitory Services

We have 34 blocks (numbered 1-34), 12 Bock are reserved for female students and 22 Block for male students. The facilities of dormitory are closely supervised by female and male proctors, their proctor coordinators.

Clinic services

Our Clinic provides a 24 hours:

  • Basic medical services, including psychological counseling to all regular students

  • A referral service for those students that are deemed to get free medical care at Wolaita Sodo Teaching Referral hospital


In general, it is believed that providing quality services to students contributes positively to their

intellectual developments and facilitates the University’s success for the national and global perspectives. In addition, investing on student services has significant returns in terms of reducing attrition rates, enhancing students’ performances and increasing assertiveness and self-confidence.



Efrem Gulfo (Ass. Professor)

Directorate Director of Students’ Services

E-mail: gefrem.wsu.et@gmail.com

Mobile: +251 916 70 49 25 (Private)

: +251 966 19 59 06 (Office)

Wolaita Sodo University

Ethiopia, East Africa


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