Tadele Gashaw Deribew

Full Name: ___Tadele Gashaw Deribew_

Educational level: ____MSc__________________
Academic Rank: ___Assit. Professor________________________
College/School: _____Veterinary medicine_____________________
Department/Team: _______________________
Field of Specialization:    _Veterinary Microbiology__________

Research Interest:   

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List of Publications: (please list all of your publication as an example listed below)   

  1. Ashenafi, K, Tadele, G and Ayichew, T. 2016: Phage Therapy; A Review on the Biology and TherapeuticApplication of Bacteriophage, J.of Ani. and Vet. Sc.2: 15-25.
  2. Ahmed, H; Albachew,T; Ayichew,T and Tadele, G. 2016 : Review on pre and post slaughter defects of hide and skin in Ethiopia, Adv. in biolo. Research, 10(3):154-161.
  3. Filmon,M., Tadele, G and Melese Y.2018: Assessment on major reproductive health problems of dairy cattle in Boloso Sore, Southern Ethiopia, Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health, 10(9), 224-230.
  4. Mandefot, M; Dereje, D and Tadele, G.2018: Welfare assessment and related health problems of working equines in Kamba Wreda, southern Ethiopia

Contact address

  • P. O. Box: _138____, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
  • Office Tel.: +_____________
  • Cell Phone:+ 251-912-195-011
  • Fax:+ 251 __________________
  • E-mail Address: tadelegashaw86@gmai.com__or (institutional)

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