Taju Husseim

Full Name: Taju Husseim

Educational level:MSc
Academic Rank: Assistant professor
College/School: Agriculture
Department/Team: ARSc
Field of Specialization: Animal Production

Research Interest: 

  • Evaluating different poultry breed under d/t management, their response to different feed
  • Evaluating local and cross bred sheep and goat under farmers management condition

List of Publications: (please list all of your publication as an example listed below)   

Local sheep and goat reproductive performance managed under farmer condition in Southern Ethiopia. International Journal of Livestock Production.Vol.9(10):2018http://www.academicjournals.org/IJLP

Productive and Reproductive Performance of Indigenous Ethiopian Cow under Small Household Management in Dawro Zone, Southern Ethiopia.International Journal of Current Research and Review Vol.6(5):2018. http://www.ijcrar.com

Camel meat consumption trends and its medicinal values: A review. Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review  6(3):2018. http//www.basicresearchjournals.org

Effect of replacing soybean meal (Glycine max) with kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) on egg qualityparameter of whiteLeghorn layers.International journal of livestock production.7(6):33-40.http://www.academicjournals.org/IJLp

Conference Participations

Effect of  replacing soybean meal with kidney bean on egg production and economics of white leghorn layer” on second annual national research symposium at Debre Tabor  University

  1. Effect of replacing soybean meal with kidney bean on egg production and economics of white leghorn layer” on 7th annual national research workshop at Wolaita Sodo University. Held from June 8-9, 2018

Contact address

  • P. O. Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
  • Office Tel.: +251_____________
  • Cell Phone:+ 251 921-24-18-30
  • Fax:+ 251 __________________
  • E-mail Address: hustaju@gmail.com or (institutional)

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