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Career service centre empowers WSU students and alumni to achieve lifelong success through seamless access to continuous career service and mutually beneficial connections with employers and professional schools


The centre strive to serve the needs of the individual students and create career related programs and services that are responsive and accessible to our students and alumni.


The purpose of Career service Centre:

*      To provide career counselling services:  a process that helps students to know and understand themselves better and the world of work in order to make career, educational and life decisions.

*      The career centre will help students and graduates prepare to enter the professional workforce and will teach them to be leaders by providing them both personal development and Career Development trainings and workshops

*      To provide students with free resources and prepare students for experiential learning (Internships and Jobs)

*      To assist students to develop their career plans, soft skills and job search skills from writing resumes/CVs to improving interview techniques with recruiters.

*      The career centre will be a contact point where employers can find about prospective graduates in terms of list of candidates, verification and background check.

*      It will serve us a networking and information sharing

*      In the big picture, it will help to produce students with high employability skills which directly contribute to the youth unemployment problem in Ethiopia.


Career Clinic– to provide career/employment counselling. The counsellor is trained professional who can provide career guidance to the students. They will have all the necessary information to become effective counsellors. The four assistants are recruited from attending students and will be working on a part-time basis.

Resources Centre– to avail both offline and online information about organizations, available internship/voluntary and jobs, job search guidelines, CV and cover letter writing skills, interview skills and salary negotiation skills.

Career week- The career week is to be organized every year on fall to welcome students and familiarize them with the Carrere centre, career development and what it means to be in different departments. The career week may include Alumni’s, showcasing different companies, and different types of workshops, internship / voluntary opportunities and field trips for students.  This career week not only inspire and motivates students but also support them to identify the career they want to peruse on and prepare them for the job market.

Seminar and Workshops– the centre organizes relevant career seminar and workshop throughout the year in collaboration with academic staff to so that they can help in attaining the career centres objectives.

Career fair– The job fair is a unique environment in which both students and recruiting organizations have the chance to meet face to face and interact on career opportunities. Organizations will be invited to showcase their activities and potential employees have the chance to interact with them which allows both the recruiter and students to pre-screen each other. Job fairs also offer a cost effective and convenient way to contact a large number of students in a relatively short time. Organizations from private, government and non- government sectors will be invited to attend the job fair free-of-charges.

Important job searching sites!!

Graduate profiles  :-

Accounting and Finance.pdf

agribusiness and value chain managment.pdf

Agricultural Economics.pdf

Animal and Range science.pdf




Civic and Ethical education.pdf

Computer Science.pdf


Educational planning and management and Psychology.pdf

English language and literature.pdf

Environmental Sciences.pdf

Geography and Environmental Sciences.pdf

History and heritage managment.pdf


Information technology.pdf



Natural Resource managment.pdf


Plant Science.pdf

public admistration and development managment.pdf

Public relation.pdf


Sport Science.pdf


Wolaita Language.pdf

The remaining departments  are coming soon!!

Contact Person:-

Adera Sisay Wassie 

Coordinator, Career service center 

Lecturer and Interdisciplinary Researcher:

MSc. in Natural resource Assessment and management; 

MSc. in Agronomy

 College of agriculture

Wolaita Sodo University.

 P.o.Box: 138, Ethiopia


E-mail: aderasisay@gmail.com  or   adera.sisay@wsu.edu.et   


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