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 Amsalu Keno  (MBA, Assistant Prof. in Business Administration)

Director, Library & Information Service



Mobile Phone: +251932-56-68-39

P. O. Box 138

Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Welcome to the WSU Library. The library aims to provide a brief introduction to the facilities and services provided by the library and other basic information pertaining to the library. The primary objective of library is to support the teaching learning, research & Community services of WSU.

The use of library resources is vital for pursuing study and research. It is an integral part of the University and designed to meet the information, research, and community service needs of its students, faculty and staff members. It has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The library includes a diverse collection of print, non-print, and computer resources for all to use.

The Library enables the staffs and students of WSU to engage optimally with the ever changing information environment in order to succeed in their research, teaching learning and community service goals.

As Librarian of WSU Library, I supervise the many dedicated staff that acquire, catalog, preserve, and make available library collections within the library and over the Internet. I am pleased that you are visiting our Web site today, and I invite you revisit to it often. I do hope that everybody would make full use of facilities and services offered.

I therefore call upon all WSU library users to dedicate time and make effort to visit our physical and Digital library in order to benefit from the wealth of information resources available in various formats



Amsalu Keno  (MBA, Assistant Prof. in Business Administration)

Director, Library & Information Service Directorate