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Dear all, who are navigating through our university webpage seeking information about the overall activities of the university; welcome to Wolaita Sodo University “Green, Clean, Peaceful, Comfortable and Diversified University. As an Academic Vice President of WSU, I am pleased to welcome prospective students and other website visitors including Researchers, Academicians, Guests, Alumni and all national and international community members.

WSU is one of the pioneer’s higher education institutions in the history of Ethiopian second-generation universities in providing educational services [teaching and learning, research, community services and technology transfer and consultancy services] has been diligently delivering quality education at different levels. The vision of WSU is to become technologically transformed Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Health in 2022 E.C.  The university is aggressively working to create a learning community in which students at all levels, and teaching staffs, could be engaged in pursuit of knowledge across and between a broad range of disciplines in various seven colleges and three schools with the focus areas of Agriculture, Health, Engineering, Mining and Tourism. It offers students a wide range of courses and programs, through its innovative and flexible new learning environment.

The University offers both post-graduate and undergraduate, as well as Post diploma programs in various disciplines. Totally, WSU offers 58 Undergraduate Programs, 55 Post graduate (MA and MSc), 6 PhD Programs and 2 specialties in our three campuses (Gandaba, Ottona and Dawuro Tercha). Besides, WSU is working to expand the campuses into six areas in the coming few years.  WSU has 100 PhD, 713 MA and MSc, 26 Specialists and 213 BSc and BA and 91 Medical Doctors (MD) that offer various programs in four modalities (Regular, Week end, Extension, and summer education programs to more than 38, 083 students.

WSU has accreditations from MoE (Ministry of Education) for all the programs it offers. It is committed to advancing various disciplines through training, knowledge generation and service delivery in the country and beyond. 

WSU has recorded enormous remarkable achievements in the past 15 years. Recently, WSU have got the 2nd rank among Ethiopian Applied Universities and 1st rank in effective Leadership.  WSU also has graduated thousands of competent professionals in various fields, programs; and as a result, has contributed its share to the development endeavors of the nation through aligning its overall operations with the country’s strategic plan and educational roadmap. We are always committed to satisfy the interest of our customers; and we are very flexible to the needs of the labor market and the industry, and also smoothly getting internet access through its well organized wired and wireless network. The educational activities of the university are directed towards providing quality education to produce competent graduates.


WSU has established smart class rooms and e-learning facilities. All classes, seminar and workshop rooms are equipped with LCDs and computers that are connected to the internet. We have a Digital library and learning management services for our students with more than 600,000 soft and hard copies of books. For the successful delivery of both theoretical and practical training, the university has organized various up-to-date and technology-oriented laboratories for both graduate and undergraduate students in addition to the wireless services accessible across the buildings.

The University has established Alumni Association of the previous graduates. Our alumni are our mirrors; thus, your comments and feedback are invaluable. The university appreciates any feedback related to the overall and/or its specific activities. WSU has strong linkage and cooperation with more than 81 international partners and public and private institutions and/or universities in the areas of student mobility, staff exchange, scholarship, training, research, and community services. Recently, we have established strong linkage with Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN), the collaborations helped us to enhance our staff capacity through training and education; and also, joint research projects. Our future interest is to further expand our international partnerships and collaborations in order to continue focusing on Agriculture and Health, Tourism, Mining and Energy, and Engineering and Technology education, training and as a research institute. 

As part of addressing its corporate social responsibility, WSU has been working on helping the low-income community through providing scholarships and direct financial support for People with various impairment and disabilities.  

Offices Under Vice President for Academic Affairs: Academic Program and Staff Development Directorate, Register Alumni Directorate, Continuous Education Program Directorate, Central Laboratory Directorate, Quality Enhancement Directorate, Academic Affairs Directorate, Library Directorate, Graduate Studies Directorate, College of Agriculture, College of Business and Economics, College of Education and Behavioral Studies, College of Engineering, College of Health and Medicine, College of Social Science and Humanities, College of Natural and Computational science, School of Law, School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Informatics.

I can assure you that during your stay here at Wolaita Sodo University (WSU), we will equip you with the appropriate skills to effectively function in the rapidly changing global environment through our scholarly teaching methodologies coupled with the internship activities of practical work with our standardized laboratories, research and practical engagement in your education and training programs. I would like to invite you to take a visit on our university’s web site and learn more about the exciting academic programs, staff profiles and scientific research.

Our Moto is “Knowledge in Action” and WSU is the right choice for the nation

Mulatu Dea (PhD) Educational Policy and Leadership Development

Academic Vice President, Wolaita Sodo University 

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