Abraham Bosha (PhD)

Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs

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Mobile : +251916582286

Office : +251916832012

E-mail : assvp@wsu.edu.et

Message from the  Administrator and Student Service Vice President

Dear Staffs and Partners,

I congratulate all of you and want to say welcome to WSU Website. Wolaita Sodo University, based on the recent universities differentiation in Ethiopia has been named as: “Applied Science University’’. WSU is a vibrant and leading government institution located at the center of Wolaita Zone. The University is progressing forward with its five and ten year strategic plan focusing on Agriculture, Health, Engineering and Technology, Geology and Humanities; aiming at achieving its specific vision: ‘Technology based Agriculture and Health Center of Excellence’ in 2022 E.C.  Thus, to realize this golden vision, the V/President for Administrator and Student Service also cascaded its own 5 and 10 year plan with coordinating all supportive staffs (fig 1) by the principles of team spirit. V/President for Administrator and Student Service encompasses: Directorates in four Campus with a total supportive staffs of 4456(male: 2154; and female: 2302).

Dear Staffs and Partners, 

The current International and National conditions that we are facing is critically dynamic and requires trustworthiness of our leadership and efficiency in our mission that should realize job creating through assuring quality, cost effectiveness, and time management; if not, the existing jobless young population may not give chance to the leaders and may become challenging to the peaceful learning-teaching process. Therefore, I call up our supportive staffs, at every level of structures and all University communities, and national as well as international partners to be together focusing on the daily activities towards  achieving our 2022 E.C. Vision. Moreover, our office is always looking for any suggestions, comments, and questions to improve the services and to become transparent to every customers of our university.

I want to say welcome again to our University Website.

Abraham Bosha Shano (PhD, Horticulture)

Instructor, Researcher and V/President for Administration and Student Services;

Wolaita Sodo University

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