Tekle Leza (PhD)

Vice President for Business and Development
Wolaita Sodo University

Contact :

Mobile : +251 916 83 19 79

Office : +251 46 180 64 65

E-mail : bdvp@wsu.edu.et

        Message from the Business and Development Vice President

Dear Readers,


First of all, this is a great opportunity and prospect for me to release a message via Wolaita Sodo University Website. As a Business and Development Vice President (BDVP) of  WSU, I am very much delighted to reach the academic community through this unique website. Furthermore, I am happy to disclose the Business and Developmental activities of WSU.

The Office of Vice President for Business and Development was restructured four years back by comprising five Directorates under it that are functioning based on their given duties and responsibilities. The remarkable achievements have been documented by WSU.  Our office works on the overall Development and Business concern of WSU as it is tremendously expanding structurally, financially, and in academic programs.

In the last fourteen years, we registered tremendous success in teaching, learning, community engagement, technology transfer, and infrastructural development. In fourteen years journey, it puts its footprint in national development despite its young age. We moved forward to this position due to our energetic faculty members, enthusiastic administrative staffs and students. 

Thus, I would like to acknowledge all our staff and stakeholders for their efforts in this  unique website. As a result, we firmly believe that we envisaged and strategically are on the right track to attain the vision of becoming a technologically driven agriculture and medical excellence center by 2022 G.C.    

BDVP office coordinating construction Project directorate strives to ensure quality construction, a conducive working environment, and a clean, green, and peaceful campus by retaining basic infrastructure in Wolaita Sodo Unversity Campuses. Besides, the ICT directorate is one of the critical sections and mandates under the Office of VPBD and has made tremendous progress since its establishment. 

The ICT Directorate provides Internet service through 10 Wifi routers in different parts of the university, maintenance service for different ICT-related machines, local area networks connection in four buildings, eight Video conferencing rooms, and an online teaching-learning/modular system.  

The system development work is finished, institutional Web site development work has been started, VPN service, based on customer request network maintenance service is provided to customers, supporting Digital library, student online registration system implementation and other related services has been also started.

Enterprise Development is one of the newly established directorates under BDVP and has performed excellent works; such as working Manual Preparation for Enterprise, Business Plan Preparation, Business Enterprise establishment, Training, necessary Input supply for Cafeteria services, Manpower Recruitment are activities performed under Enterprise Development  Directorate.

Similararly, the Resource Mobilization Directorate is a newly established directorate under BDVP. For the past three years, the directorate assessed additional internal revenue-generating sources and collected the revenue from existing internal sources.

In Printing and Duplication Directorate, more than one million pages of different modules, students exam papers, assessment papers, research questionnaires, interview guides, students meal cards, and training manuals duplication services were provided in one academic year based on customer requests.

All the Developmental and Business activities and work performance are highly transparent and user-friendly to fulfill the needs of the academic community.

Any suggestions and innovative ideas from the stakeholders are welcomed, and they will be given due weightage to beautify WSU campus as adorable and admirable.

Above all, we have to recall the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future. At this important milestone in our lives, we have to work hard in team spirit and the collective efforts of many hands to build a better future. Many thanks !

Tekle Leza( Ph.D, Associate Professor)

Vice President for Business and Development

Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension.