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P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Dean's Message

Welcome to Wolaita Sodo University School of Law where I am honored to serve as Dean!

WSU School of law is where students learn fundamentals of legal principles, legal reasoning, substantive laws, procedural laws, skills and strategies needed for future career success.

In law school our universities motto “knowledge in action” is not a mere catchphrase, it is the guiding principle that will prepare students for a responsible legal practice.

WSU school of law is dedicated to train in law all-rounded, critical, reasonable and socially conscious learners, develop and disseminate knowledge through scholarly research, and to provide high quality legal consultancy, legal aid services and other demand driven community services to the community.

Our school has created wide array of extracurricular learning, practical learning and community serving opportunities for both LL B and LL M students by designing annual moot court competitions, debates, awareness creation programs through radio, free legal aid service & capacity building training projects.

The School has a talented, diverse and energetic community of staffs and students, with different ideas and perspectives, which allows a rich learning environment.  Our instructors are open and truly committed to teaching both inside and outside class room in order to produce highly skilled legal professionals, ready to serve their clients and their communities with thoughtful engagement and unwavering integrity.

I encourage you to review the information in this website and other outlets to learn more about WSU School of Law. I also recommend you to visit our office at WSU in person.

Dean, WSU School of Law