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Dean's Message

Welcome to Wolaita Sodo University, School of Veterinary Medicine! I am honored to serve as the school’s dean and to be leading our efforts in veterinary medical education, patient care, community outreach and research work as we move our school forward in all of these key mission areas.

Since the School of Veterinary Medicine establishment in 2010, our primary goal is making advancements in teaching, research, community services work. Our school has developed a ten years strategic plan that encompasses these goals. We stand committed to working through these different areas to improve the productivity and health and welfare of animals and promoting public health. In this regard, we are contributing to the economic development in the country by providing quality education, advancing applied research, and serving the community through excellent clinical care of animals and shared learning.

Through support of our strong academic, technical and administrative staff, the University management, and our local and international partners, we are able to continue to provide the best learning experiences for our students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. To stay ahead of the curve in new advances in veterinary medicine and bachelor of veterinary sciences, we strive to consistently improve the competency of graduates in knowledge, skill and attitude through enhancing quality education and undertaking problem oriented research set to the regional and national needs.

We are proud of our role in providing excellent, continuous professional training through WSU-SNNPR Livestock and Fishery Office collaborative summer BSc in animal health program for animal health and/production personnel working as development agent in the region. We contribute to the knowledge and understanding through our dedicated school, students and staff who carry out problem oriented researches in areas that impact animal production and health, public health, food safety, and the environment.


Dean, School of Vet Medicine,

Wolaita Sodo University