End day of proposal submission

Mindset Education public lecture was held in WSU this week

International Young Fellowship (IYF)

The relationship of WSU and International Young Fellowship (IYF) trace back three year, 2016G.C. The both parties (WSU & IYF) signed MoU to work for the betterment of the community well-being. IYF has been providing “Mindset Education” training in its track to different corner of the world. Based on the agreement made within the parties before three year, IYF brought world class South Korean professor from Busan province; South Korea gave public lecture to the community of WSU.

WSU in collaboration with Sodo Town Youth Arrangement held voluntary activities mobilization stage entitled “Environmental association for Superiority”

environmental association

Speaking on the stage,Takele Tadese (PhD), president of WSU, stated that the university is taking part in creating superior human power (youth) who can envision his/her future.The president underscored that it is pertain which environmental association and developing cooperation for the realization of practical based work to bring prolonged reform to our community.

International Relations and Partnerships Office of WSU, working assertively on fastening the university with external world

University College of Dublin (UCD)

The office of International Relations and Partnerships has made MoUs’ and MoAs’ with different international institutions abroad. Majority of the institutions are from Europe, USA and Far East. The agreements are mainly focused on staff exchanges, joint research projects, and short and long term trainings.

Call for Thematic Research Proposals-2019/20 for Institute of Omotic Studies

The Institute of Omotic Studies (IOS) at Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) was established at the beginning of 2007 E.C with the purpose of studying, preserving and promoting all Omotic languages, cultures, histories and heritages and uses them as the tourism resources

Call for Thematic Research Proposals-2019/20 for IDPR

The Office of Director for Institute of Development and Policy Research, WSU, hereby announces a call for thematic research proposals for possible funding.

Dr. Takele Tadesse was elected as the 5th President of Wolaita Sodo University

The new president of wolaita sodo university

WSU president election process is started in January 2019 G.C based on the new guideline soon after the appointment of the new members.
The newly appointed WSU president, Dr,Takele, was the first in rank among the three final candidates selected by senate council . During his presentation, he stated that participaratory management and collective leadership system is his future plan to bring about observable change in the university during the first 100 days of his presidency time.


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