Zegeye Paulos Borko
(Ass. Professor of Development Economics) 

Dean, College of Business and Economics

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          P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Dean's Message

Welcome to College of Business and Economics (CoBE). It is with great pleasure that I write about college that is currently experiencing a major leap of all times. Programs under the College are boasts of quality, market driven and very innovative. We believe in the power of education to transform and to offer opportunity and access to all. Students within the college at all levels of progress and more that will join are assured of a resourceful team of staff that have a common focus, that of academic progress. CoBE is driven by a strong belief in fairness, professionalism and academic progress. Our best technology transfer is human transfer. This is our true contribution to society and it is a noble contribution because those we graduate will go on to lead society, business and so forth.In line with the promise of global relevance and desire to build the future graduate of Business and Economics in the image and likeness of the country’s needs and challenges, we face head on the fact that business is increasingly becoming complex and require the ability to operate in the context of the broader society. Our students start by learning to master the foundations of Business and Economics. This is no longer enough: today’s business environment requires graduates to have the ability to address issues that cross-functional boundaries with global perspective, an innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set, ethical grounding, commitment to diversity, respect for sustainability, and technological sophistication. Our ability to contribute to the solution of many of today’s societal problems is based not just on academic excellence, which we have great abundance, but on sustained culture of creativity and innovation.

CoBE improves society by developing principled leaders for the world of practical affairs. This drives everything we do. The college approaches to achieving our mission- include student-centered learning, thoughtful leadership, and active engagement with the business community and technology transfer. I would like to pay great tribute to our students. Some of the students came from nearby, some from far away, most of them young and relatively unknown when they arrived, some of them skeptical of what they would find here, but wherever they came from, in whatever field of study, and with whatever initial expectations, they brought with them great intelligence, drive, and intellectual courage; they found here an environment that nourished their remarkable talents and let them thrive; and they sent back out into the larger world the true fruits of their distinguished labors.

Overall, the College of Business and Economics trains students for the future of work competencies and career success.


Zegeye Paulos Borko (Ass. Professor) 

Dean, College of Business and Economics