social science

Abraham Kebede
(Ass. Professor of English Language and Education) 

Dean, College of Social Science and Humanities

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Mobile :0928763292

E-mail : kebedeabraham9@gmail .com

 P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Dean's Message

As it is well known that the main objectives of College of Social Sciences and Humanities are to produce competent, nation building, and morally well-built human resource for the development of our country. Nowadays, more than ever, the need for the field of Social Sciences and Humanities has become in utmost importance for countries like Ethiopia, which is blessed with, cultural, religious, ethnic and political diversity. It has also been playing key role in building harmonious society with its diversity and speed up democratic and political transformation of our society. It also helps in promoting the image of our beautiful nature of our catchment area and the country as whole in national and international level.

In order to achieve the aforementioned noble objectives, the College has been equipping itself with energetic and competent academic and admin staff. Besides, it has put in place paperless bureaucracy by extensive use of digital technology such as for office-to-office communication up to student registration and grading.  It has also been expanding undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of study, and actively engaged in conducting demand driven and community-based research and community services. The College’s University – industry cooperation with various stakeholders from woreda to federal, and with international institutions can be mentioned as exemplary by any standard.  Through our network of cooperation, we have been giving training among other things in Cadaster Technology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Federalism, Peace Building, Urban Asset Management, English Language Improvement training and Wolaita Orthography.  We are also planning to offer French language training with internationally recognized certificate for our university and outside community.

Thus, with the help of our transformational management and the whole staff, we will make our college nationally and internationally reputable in terms of academic, research and community service quality.

God Bless Ethiopia!


Abraham Kebede, (Associate Professor of English Language
and Education)

Dean, College of Social Sciences and Humanities