Academic Quality Enhancement Directorate22

Feleke Assefa Argaw,

(Animal Production, Ass.Prof.)

Director, Academic Quality Enhancement Directorate


Contact :

Mobile : +251923400252

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P.O.Box: 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia

Directorate’s Message

I congratulate all of you and want to say welcome to Directorate of Academic Quality Enhancement (AQED)of Wolaita Sodo University which is  accountable to  Vice President of Academic Affairs in which the university has given due attention and mandate to accomplish internal system of quality enhancement by applying clear and comprehensive measures of quality of education covering quality of learning infrastructure, professional development of academic staff, course contents, teaching-learning processes, student evaluation, assessment and grading systems. The directorate realizes the educational quality of the university in promoting and maintaining continuous quality improvement and auditing via standards of services delivered and graduates produced.
The directorate was established in 2020 from the former IQEAD (Institutional Quality Enhancement and Assurance Directorate) with the rationale of higher education to prepare sufficient knowledgeable, skilled, and attitudinally mature graduates in relevant disciplines with competence, to promote and enhance research focusing on knowledge and technology transfer consistent with the country’s priority needs; and establish a system to create and enhance institutions as Centre of Excellence.

 Feleke Assefa Argaw  (Animal Production, Ass. Prof.), Director, Academic Quality Enhancement Directorate, Wolaita Sodo University